Poker Glossary

Learn the poker terms

Poker has so many words and terms that only make sense when your talking about the game.  It can be very confusing, especially at first, to keep up with the lingo while trying to learn.

Here is a poker glossary with a list of the most general poker terminology that you may need to know.  Enjoy!

ALL-IN – Betting all of the money you have on the table.

BAD BEAT – When you have a considerably better hand than your opponent, but he draws out and beats you.

BET FOR VALUE – Bets you make that are expected to win more than they lose in the long run.

BANKROLL – Available funds you have available specifically for poker.

BIG BLIND – An early forced bet that is put in by the player 2 to the left of the dealer button.

BLUFF – A bet or raise designed to win the pot by making your opponent fold.

BUTTON – The player who is last to act, and is theoretically the dealer in the hand. The dealer button rotates around the table clockwise every hand.

CALL – To put in the minimum amount of money required to be able to continue in the hand.

CALLING STATION – A player who calls a whole lot, likely more than he should.

CHANGE GEARS – To change the style of your play during a game. From tight to loose, or vise versa.

CHECK. – To not bet anything, when you are allowed to do so.

CHECK RAISE – To check first, then re-raise a player who bets.

EARLY POSITION – The first 3 players after the blinds; First 3 players to act.

FOLD – To exit the hand by opting not to call a bet.

FLUSH – 5 cards of the same suit.

FULL HOUSE – 5 cards consisting of 3 of a kind & a pair.

HEADS UP – Playing against one opponent, like at the very end of a tournament.

HOLE CARDS – The cards that you have that are face down, and can only be seen by you.

IMPLIED ODDS – Money you expect to win from an opponent when you make your hand or hit your draw.

JAM – To raise “all in”.

KICKER – The highest card you have that is not a pair.

LATE POSITION – The last 3 players to act before the button. Referred to as ‘The hijack – 2 players before the button’, ‘The Cutoff – 1 player before the button’, and ‘The Button’.

LIMP – To enter a pot before the flop by just calling the blinds,and not raising.

MIDDLE POSITION – The players that are positioned approximately in the middle of the blinds and the dealer button.

MUCK – Another term for folding.

NO-LIMIT POKER – A poker game where you may bet all your chips at any point in the hand.

NUTS – The best possible hand that you can have, given the board.

OFFSUIT – 2 cards that are not the same suit.

ON TILT – When a player is playing worse than usually because they are angry or upset.

OPEN – The first player to enter the pot before the flop by raising.

OUTS – Cards that will improve your hand if they come.

PAIR – Two of the same cards.

POT – The total amount of money, or chips, that all players have bet in one hand.

POT LIMIT – Poker games where the maximum bet is always the size of the pot.

POT ODDS – The amount of money in the pot compared to the mathematical odds of you making your hand, or being ahead.

PREMIUM HANDS – The top 5 starting hands in no limit hold’em. AK, JJ, QQ, KK, and AA.

QUADS – Four of a kind.

RE-RAISE – When you raise another player, after he has raised. Also called a ‘3-bet’.

RIVER – The final community card dealt in texas hold’em.

ROCK – A very tight player, who plays mostly just premium hands.

ROYAL FLUSH – An ace-high straight, all of the same suit.

SEMI-BLUFF – When bluffing with a significant amount of “outs” that can come to improve your hand.

SET – 3 of a kind. Also known as a ‘set’ or ‘trips’.

SHORT-STACKED -. When you have a very short chip stack compared to the blinds, or the other players at the table.

SHOWDOWN – At the end of the hand, players turn their hole cards over and the winner of the pot is determined by hand strength.

SLOWPLAY – To play a strong hand weak, thus attempting to trap your opponent.

SMALL BLIND – An early forced bet that is put in by the player 1 to the left of the dealer button.

STEAL – To bluff at the pot; usually before the flop.

STEAL POSITION – Also known as ‘late position’, these steal positions are to the right of the button.

SUITED -. Both hole cards are of the same suit.

THREE OF A KIND – Three of the same card.

TIGHT PLAYER – A player who plays very few hands; usually just premiums.

TRIPS – Three of the same card. Also known as a ‘set’.

TURN – The fourth community card in Hold’em.

VALUE BET – These are bets made that you expect to win more than you lose, in the long run.