Lowest hand wins.

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Razz is dealt, and bet like 7 card stud. The difference is the LOWEST hand wins… Ah ha, there is a game for me.

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Razz is dealt the same exact way as 7 card stud. It’s betting structure is the exact same as well. However the difference is that LOWEST hand at showdown wins the pot, not the highest.
Razz is a limit game, and there are 3 bet sizes you will be using during razz: Ante, Small Bet, and Big Bet. Straights and flushes are not counted against you when making your low hand.

In Razz, you begin the hand with an ante from everyone that wants to be dealt in.  The antes are usually 10% of the ‘Small Bet’ amount.

Every player receives 2 cards face down, and 1 card down.

The ‘bring in’ bet is then put into the pot by the player with the HIGHEST showing card. This is a mandatory bet, and it is in the amount of of 1 ante. This player may also choose to COMPLETE, meaning they put in a ‘small bet’, making a raise.

This bring in bet begins the first betting round, and moving from the bring in bet CLOCKWISE, players can choose to call the bring in bet, raise, or fold. The only amount you may bet during this round is the size of the small bet.

4th Street: You then deal the remaining players in the hand another card, face up.  A betting round then follows, this time began by the player with the lowest 2 cards showing. Players can choose to check, bet, call, raise or fold. The only amount you are allowed to bet or raise on this street is the size of the small bet.

5th Street: The action on 5th street is identical to 4th street with one exception. The exception is that the ‘big bet’ is used instead of the small bet.

6th Street: The action on 6th street is the same as 5th street.

7th Street: A final card is dealt FACE DOWN to all remaining players. A final betting round, using only the ‘big bet’ then ends the hand.

The player with the LOWEST 5 card hand at showdown wins the pot.  You may only use 5 of your cards; 2 cards have to be dead. Any 5 cards you choose may be used

You may also win the pot if all of your opponents fold before the showdown.


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