Chinese Poker

A 4 player game all about balance

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Chinese Poker is just starting to become popular, and like most poker games, the more you play it, the more in depth it gets.

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Chinese Poker has 4 players, and the betting is made in terms of ‘units’. The units should be decided by players before the game is started.

Each player is dealt 13 cards, face down.

Each player then divides their cards into 3 sections: a ‘back’ hand consisting of 5 cards, a ‘middle’ hand consisting of 5 cards, and a ‘front’ hand consisting of 3 cards.

Each of these sections are considered separate poker hands. Your ‘back’ hand MUST be better than your ‘middle’ hand, and your ‘middle’ hand MUST be better than your ‘front’ hand.

The best possible ‘front’ hand you can have is 3 of a kind (The front hand cannot have a straight or a flush, since it is only 3 cards).

You position your 3 hands just like it sounds:  The back hand is positioned closest to you, the middle hand is positioned in front (or above) that, and the front hand is positioned in front (or on top) of the back and middle hands (the front hand nearest the center of the table and the back hand nearest themselves).

Example: [picture of 4 player setup]

After all 4 players have arranged their hands, they turn their cards over.

They compare each ‘back hand’ with the ‘back hands’ of the other 3 players. They do the same with their ‘middle hands’ and ‘front hands’.

Every time one of your hands beat the corresponding hand of an opponent (back hands only play against other back hands, and same with middle and front), you win 1 unit from them. When it loses to an opponent, you lose 1 unit to them. You will compare each of your hands (back, middle, and front) with all 3 other players.

Example: [show picture illustrating this]


Don’t understand poker terms?  No problem.

Poker Terms

Special Hands and Variations:

Although you may play with just the rules above, players have added ‘special hands’, scoring systems, rules, and payment variations that they choose to play with.

Just remember that when playing with rules that are different from the official rules, make sure all players agree to all of the specifics exactly before dealing, so there is no discrepancy at the end.