5 Card Draw

Perhaps the most classic of all of poker games

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5 card draw is the first poker game I ever played.  It’s simple to understand and in my opinion, its a great start to understanding poker.

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5 card draw is usually played with antes, and not blinds. This means that every player who gets dealt in puts up the same amount of chips to ‘ante up’.

In 5 Card Draw, each player recieves 5 down cards.

There are 2 betting rounds, before your draw, and after. The amount you can bet is decided by the players before the game is dealt. Usually it is either ‘table stakes’ (meaning no limit), or limit.

After 5 cards are dealt, there is the first betting round, where each player can make a decision whether to check, bet, call, raise, or fold.

Whoever has not folded, and is still in the pot, gets to draw cards, (or exchange cards).

In order to do this, they must discard the amount of cards that they wish to draw, keeping exactly 5 cards in your hand at all times. In most 5 card draw games, you may not draw more than 3 cards, but this may change depending on the house rules.

You may also choose to discard no cards, in which you would be unable to draw any cards as well.

After all players have discarded and drawn new cards, there is a final betting round.

After this betting round is completed, those who have not folded ‘showdown’ their hands.

The best 5 card hand at showdown wins the pot.

You can also win the pot before the showdown, if you get your opponents to fold, and you are the only player left in the hand.

*Wild cards – Choosing to include wild cards is popular in 5 card draw, and many games include these to make the action a little juicier.


Don’t understand poker terms? No problem.

Poker Terms

5 Card Stud:

5 card stud can be played as a limit game, or a ‘table stakes’ game (no limit).

ANTE UP: In 5 card stud, you begin the hand with an ante from everyone that wants to be dealt in.

Then every player receives 1 card up, and 1 card down.

THE BRING IN BET: The bring in bet is then put into the pot by the player with the LOWEST showing card. This is a mandatory bet, and it is in the amount of HALF of 1 ante.

This bring in bet begins the first betting round, where then players can choose to call the bring in bet, raise, or fold.

You then deal the remaining players in the hand another card, face up. A betting round then follows.

You continue this until the remaining players have 5 total cards; 1 card down, and 4 cards face up.

Then there is the final betting round.

The player with the highest 5 card hand at showdown wins the pot.

You may also win the pot if all of your opponents fold before the showdown.