Multi Table Tournaments

Buy in small. Win big. Get the glory.

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Multi table tournaments are the choice for many professional players as well as amateurs.  The notion of being able to join a $10 tournament and win thousands is just so appealing.  Although it’s still the same game, MTT’s are a completely different beast then cash games and sit & go’s.

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What are Multi Table Tournaments?

There are many differences between poker tournaments and cash games.

In tournaments, all players start at the same time, and buy in for the same amount.  Tournaments are played until 1 player has all of the chips and is declared the victor.  You cannot get up and leave in a tournament.  You play until you are either knocked out, or until you win every chip in play.

In a tournament, the blinds escalate over time, forcing action so that the tournament will surely end at some point.  So you will likely be playing with much “shallower” stacks compared to the blinds.  This creates very interesting dynamics, and learning MTT strategy is strongly suggested if you want to play multi table tournaments.  Because of the escalating blinds and shallower stacks, the strategy becomes much different than in a cash game.

Payouts:  This can vary site by site, but primarily the top 10% of the field remaining will get paid.  If you ‘minimum cash’ then you usually receive around 2x your buyin.  The final table gets paid much more, with the winner usually pocketing around 15%-25% of the prize pool.  So its always the right move to play to win!

Being able to buyin or ‘risk’ such a small amount for the chance at such a huge reward is very appealing to pros and amateurs alike, and there can be a lot of glory that comes with winning tournaments.

There are so many great online poker sites where you can play poker tournaments out there.  Click here to find out which of them is the best fit for you.

There are also a lot of great poker training websites, books, and services out there.  US Poker School is a great site that teaches MTT strategy for free, and is a solid resource for beginners and professionals alike.

Good luck at the tables!


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