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What type of poker games can I play?

Aside from different poker games, there are 3 primary types of poker that casinos, online poker sites, and home games primarily offer:


  1. Cash Games
  2. Multi Table Tournaments
  3. Sit & Go’s

You can read about each of these game types here on this site, and find out how they differ from each other, and the rules to each. From the beginner to the professional, each player has their own preference when it comes to game types.  Some enjoy playing Sit & Go’s because they are short and have a fixed buyin.  Some make their living play strictly tournament poker, or just enjoy the fact that you can buy in for a small amount and win a ton.  And then there is the good old fashion cash game players, who like playing deep stacked poker, and appreciate the fact that you can buyin and cashout at any time you want.

There are so many different online poker sites out there where you can play any of these game types at literally any stake you want.  And their games are running around the clock, 24/7.  You can research the most popular of these sites here on Online Poker Pass, before you decide where exactly you want to play, and why.

There are also thousands of casinos across the world that have poker rooms that never close.  Although the game is still the same, some people prefer playing live, and some online.  And some people enjoy both, because they both bring their own unique pros and cons to the table.

So read up on the different poker game types here on Online Poker Pass, and start playing today!

Good luck at the tables!

-O.P.P. Staff