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First Encounter:

I started playing Full tilt around 2005-2006.

My first impression of Full Tilt was, “finally, the first site that really has it all”.  They really revolutionized the feel of online poker by creating this bad ass feel to playing online.

Full Tilt had style. The interface, rush poker, highest limits for cash games, along with creative jackpots and bonuses.



Before 2011, Full Tilt Poker was neck and neck with Poker Stars in terms of who had the best poker site, with the best games and reward services.  However since the fallout with the U.S. on ‘Black Friday’, Full Tilt has taken a substantial dip in these areas, leaving Poker Stars as the king.

FTP remains a top notch site however, and growing at a rapid rate.  Many expect them to be back to their ‘pre-2011′ status within a year, giving Poker Stars (who now technically owns FTP) a run for their money when it comes to the best poker site in the world.

As of right now, they are still a fantastic option for all non-U.S. based poker players.

Boasting a juicy tournament schedule for the better part of the days and evenings, Full Tilt provides players with any game that they could possibly be looking for in an online poker site.  And their major tournaments still give their players daily opportunities at life-changing money.

Full Tilt Poker has a 100% deposit bonus if you sign up now through Online Poker Pass, and they offer what many consider the best player rewards system out there.

Fast and reliable cash-outs are a major plus as well.  They may be just behind Poker Stars in terms of the best site out there, but they’re rapidly approaching them…


Large player base, great daily and evening tournament schedule, juicy games running all the time.

Could do better:

Their ‘late night’ and ‘early morning’ schedule is a bit weak, and needs some work.



Dave Weeks Google+

A professional poker player for over 10 years, and author for Online Poker Pass, NJ Poker Site, and US Poker School. Trains poker players in his spare time as well.

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