Bovada Poker Review

opp BOVADA review - infographicEasiest money on the net.  Available to U.S. players.


First encounter:

The first time I played online poker was back in 2002.  Bovada (then called Bodog) was actually the first site I’d ever played.  A buddy of mine showed me the site and how easy it was to deposit.  Boom.  The rest was history. Within minutes I was playing my very first online poker tournament for real money.


Bovada is an Online Casino and Sports-Book first.  Poker is second.  This may lead you to believe that their tournaments and cash games are not good, or very populated.  However it is the exact opposite.  For a site that is available to U.S. players, it’s tournament schedule and cash games are the best out there.

Also, because of their ‘gamblers first, poker players second’ approach, their poker games end up filling up with many more non-poker pros than any other site.  At any stakes, you will have people who just want to gamble.  This makes Bovada’s games incredibly juicy.

To protect their amateur players (sports betters and casino players) from poker sharks, Bovada has eliminated screen names and player identity. Every time you join a table you become a random number.




There is likely no other poker site out there where you can play ‘ABC poker’ more profitably than on Bovada.

They have a fantastic nightly and Sunday tournament schedule, a 100% deposit bonus if you sign up now through Online Poker Pass, and their cash-outs take less than a week for a check or bank wire.

The Best customer service that a poker site has ever had.  You can call them 24/7 and speak with a customer representative right away.


Could do better:

Tournament structure.  Their players are very weak, but compared to other poker sites, they have much faster and ‘shallow stacked’ tournaments.  This means that their is less play involved, helping the amateur, as well as the tournaments ending faster.



Dave Weeks  Google+

A professional poker player for over 10 years, and author for Online Poker Pass, NJ Poker Site, and US Poker School.  Trains poker players in his spare time as well.

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